The Full (Social) Package

What if you could end social media overwhelm and make an impact online?

I bet it’d feel pretty amazing to watch your community flourish and grow on social media.

But right now- your social media presence isn’t working for you. Posting to social feels like you’re talking to an empty room. Nobody is liking, commenting, or sharing. You’re not building a community. You’re just sending out your posts and tweets into the infinite abyss.

Maybe you know what you should be doing, but you just don’t have the time or capacity to dedicate to social.
Or maybe you have no clue where to start. But you’ve seen the amazing things a strong social presence can do for business and you want to get in on the secret.

The bottom line is:  you’re investing time and resources into social but not seeing results.

It’s making you feel frustrated and overwhelmed.

You’re seeing social media work for everyone else but you and you’re ready to change that.

You’re ready to build a social media presence that represents your passion for what you do.

The complete (social) package will revamp your social strategy, and take your online presence to the next level.

When we work together you’ll get:

• A strategy that works for YOUR business.

• Content creation in YOUR voice that’s informative, fun, and engaging for your community.

• Interaction and engagement with your community, answering questions and creating conversations on your behalf.

I’ve been in the social media world for over 5 years. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. I’m enthused by how social media can create conversations about issues in our community. So I dedicate my time to keeping up with all the latest trends, platforms, and technologies to make social media work for you.

My areas of expertise include:

• Non-profits and charities
• Social enterprises (especially with a social mission in education, health, gender equality, and international development)
• Film, TV, & literature
• Travel

The full (social) package is a good fit for you if…

• You’re ready to hand your social media off to someone else.
• You want an online presence you can feel proud of.
• You want to spend your time creating an impact with your business, and you want social media to build on that, rather than hinder it.

I’ll help you find and engage with your fans and followers so you can focus on work that’s creating an impact. I’ll run campaigns to help your business and online presence grow!

The details

• It all starts with strategy. In our first week of working together, I’ll get to know your business, your audience, and your goals. I’ll then create a strategy for us to follow moving forwards.
• After the strategy is approved, I’ll create your first month of content! This will be an ongoing task that I’ll send to you every month. You can be as involved in the content creation and editing as you like! Feel free to hand it all over to me, or recommend edits and send ideas before content goes out.
• I’ll schedule your content for you so that it goes out on time every day.
• I’ll regularly check in on your social media channels to interact with your fans and respond to questions.

If you’re ready to work together, send me an email at to see if we’re a good fit!


“It has been great to work with Kayla. She definitely helped us to increase our social network footprint. I definitely look forward to working together again.” – Ravi, CEO at Oasis Workflow

” Kayla is very efficient and easy to learn from. There are so many different pieces of setting up, tracking, and monitoring social media accounts and Kayla was helpful to us when it came to understanding the different elements. Kayla is a great resource for anyone wanting to jump start their social media activity, and would help any novice in the area understand the lay of the land and the benefits of using social media.” – Nisha, Communications manager at Room to Read

“Kayla was a delight to work with, and I would happily recommend her social media services to anyone. I hope to work with her on many more projects.”- Clare, CEO at Socially Good

“I was so fortunate to have worked with Kayla. Her attention to detail and professionalism was second to none. She made me feel at ease and took on much of the leg work which was a huge relief. I definitely look forward to working together again. Thanks, Kayla.” Ferzana. Author, Inspire Lupus Hope

If you’re ready to work together, send me an email at to see if we’re a good fit!

How it works:

  • Make the first half of your first month’s payment to secure your spot.
  • You’ll get a clarity questionnaire to help both of us get super clear on your audience and your message.
  • We’ll schedule a 30 minute skype call to get further clarity and chat about your goals for social media.
  • Within a week, I’ll send over your tailored social media strategy! We’ll set up another 30 minute skype call to go over any questions you have and set up the logistics for moving into the implementation stage
  • I’ll schedule your content and make friends with your community!

Email me at to get started!